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Managing group membership

Groups are a great way of getting people together to work in groups online and working collaboratively. Groups can be the first step toward building collaborative working practices and building dialogue between users with similar interests. Sometimes though, you need to have a little more control over who joins and participates in the activities of a specific group. In this video, we review the three group types available and how you implement each one.

A quick look at SlideShare

Using SlideShare is a great way of sharing your presentations with others, and to integrate them in other sites that you might be using (your blog, for example). This brief video gives you a short introduction to SlideShare and accompanies the tutorial ‘Embed a SlideShare presentation in your Mahara blog post‘.

Follow Mahara Guide on Twitter

We’ve added a notification service to this blog so that when a new tutorial is posted, you can receive notification through Twitter. Just follow us by visiting the @maharaguide Twitter page to receive notification of new tutorials.

Embed a SlideShare presentation in your Mahara blog post

It’s really easy to embed objects in your Mahara blog posts. Embedding allows you to add plenty of content without consuming your Mahara disk space quota. Presentations are a popular medium for communicating, but can also consume considerable disk space. Why not try embedding a presentation into your blog post instead of uploading the source file? Here’s how you do it.

Providing feedback

Providing feedback is a key feature to ensuring that Mahrara isn’t just a place for you to publish your artefacts, but also a place where others can interact with you. Feedback on your content is an important way of allowing you and others to reflect upon the content you publish.

Creating a blog post

So you’ve created your Blog and maybe already have a View; now you need to add some content. This video explains how to create that first post:

Creating a blog

Mahara makes a great platform for creating and writing a blog. It’s really easy to do this, and the starting point is to add a blog to your e-portfolio, as explained in this tutorial:


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